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“I want those documents in Nunez’ hands in five days. I want the infiltrators of my campaign investigated. And I want to see the report in ten days.” bellowed a end of his rope Trump.

Trump has sat by patiently for over a year while Mueller investigated a non-crime with no evidence – that of Russian Collusion – hatched by spy Rosenstein. But no investigation has been progressing against Clinton, Clapper, and Brennan whose crimes are so sever and outrageous it’s flabbergasting. Finally Trump had enough and summoned the justice department and Rosenstein to his office on Friday.

Rosenstein, trying to hide the crimes of the past administration’s illegal FISA and FBI spying on Trump, has sequestered away all the key damning documents. But Trump has had enough and Nunez is out of patience.

The Inspector General’s report on Hillary’s Email Shenanigans is expected to break any day now. The wall is crumbling. But still the rats pretend they have the upper hand. Because they are everywhere, infested and controlling every agency even the one supposed to be investigating the crimes themselves.

“ENOUGH” Trump was heard screaming over and over from behind closed doors.

If Rosenstein doesn’t turn over the evidence that will incriminate him in the 145 million to Hillary and the illegal FISA application approval, one can only expect Trump’s next words to be his famous catch phrase…