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The investigation into Dolezal’s abuse of the welfare system started in March 2017, when the DSHS Office of Fraud and Accountability investigator got a tip that Dolezal had been paid for her book. Typically, a publishing contract can earn one between $10,000 to $20,000.

Dolezal had been reporting her income as just $500 per month, most of which came from child support, she said. When asked by investigators how she had been paying her bills, Dolezal said she had been barely getting by with “help from friends and gifts.”

However, after subpoenaing her bank records, investigators quickly learned that she’d been under-reporting her income. Her bank statements showed that she had deposited nearly $84,000 into her account between August 2015 and September 2017 without reporting the money to the State of Washington. During the investigation, Dolezal reported a “one-time change in circumstance” to the Department of Social and Health Circumstances.

“Oh no, that’s black people money I don’t report that”

Nutcase Dolezal found a life of riches and free money by pretending to be black, even becoming the president of the NAACP. Apparently getting a perm and a sun tan is enough to tip the scale to blackitude but her parents pale skin and blue eyes tell a different story.