Every fucking day get out there lads!!!

For those who don’t know already, Tommy was covering the trial of Pakistani child rape gangs which the Judge had declared there would be a total media blackout. They don’t want the world or the brits to know how ENDLESSLY these sick fucks rape little children. And they don’t want to the world to know HOW MUCH the british government SUPPORTS THESE ANIMALS.

So while Tommy was doing interviews well outside the courthouse, he got arrested for breaking the silence order.

Freedom of the press and freedom of speech no longer exist in England. A sad day indeed.

FREE TOMMY ROBINSON. FREE TOMMY ROBINSON. IF not, we are truly a dead nation.

Please protest where he is being held so he can hear your voices. It will cheer him up perhaps the only thing that could.

Update: News Stories PULLED/CENSORED by Breitbart, Politico. ZERO REPORTING ALLOWED. We MUST NOT discuss the fact that arab negroids are  CHILD RAPISTS. NO. Not until you are LOUSY with them.

Britain has died. God don’t bother saving the Queen.