We remember our fallen dead, our heros, those who sacrificed for us to be free

But today we must also remember Tommy Robinson, who is sacrificing being with his wife and children, rotting in a filthy London jail, for the crime of exposing that the waves and hoardes of african migrants are pedophiles and rapists of little girls, not by the thousands, but literally millions of British girls have been raped by these monsters.

They are doing it to break the british people. The government is allowing it and trying to silence any coverage of it in the few cases where these monsters are actually arrested.

IT is the Kalergi plan to negro-fy and islami-fy Europe and Britain, thus enslaving it. It is a sick vicious plan pushed by the ruling elite and jewish bankers together, a final bid for total control, and under Tony Blair they lied about their immigrant numbers and imported millions after millions of these child rapists until the nation was lousy with them.

So yes, we do remember our own today. But also do not forget about Tommy Robinson. Free Tommy Robinson.

See the protest videos HERE