Oh Kalergi you old jester, your plan is working beautifully.  Monies to pay the liberal left boats – a fleet of over 100 massive barges – bring in the migrants to Italy, Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily, and from there many push on to Paris and London and Berlin. It is the negro seeding of Europe, because being white and having white nations that are not rape nests and murder factories is RACISS.

Europeans are largely ignorant of what blacks are and what these low IQ blacks will do to their community.  The migrants live in tents, rather than working, and long term migrants set up in ugly tenement building blocks around the outskirts of Paris. But now that’s changing as a rough shelter has been built for 150 migrants right in one of Paris’ most wealthy neighborhoods.

“We must take them in they are soo poor and needy” said a Paris woman.  So they do. Unfortunately as they breed like rabbits in Africa, fed by Europe and America with tons of food/topsoil landing there every day, the population of Africa can pump 100 million new migrants into Europe every year without even flinching. If only there were enough boats to carry them there.

Libya has now accepted 30 BILLION dollars to start to prevent migrants from crossing, so they have just moved to Tunisia. No big whoop.

No the negro seeding will continue until you are deep in with them and they seize districts, then whole cities, representatives, and finally the government. Paris – NEW KENYA – has been birthed. And lefty frenchies haven’t the will to save their race.

“THIS SMELLS LIKE MY ASS WHA IS DIS?” screamed a hostile migrant

“This is french cheese” replied the shopkeeper.

Some traditions are unlikely to continue in the new Negro Europe. Complain and the new anti-free speech laws pushed by the JEWS will put you in prison for a year like Tommy Robinson. It’s the new way. Destruction from within by well funded factions. Wait didn’t HITLER try to do something about that and the ENTIRE WORLD’S ARMIES turned on him?