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Another baby is mutilated against his will

“This is ridiculous, it’s just a little snip, it’s no big deal!” said the Dutch Assemblywoman pounding her gavel.

“But what about Female Circumcism” screamed out a bystander

“Oh that’s been illegal for years. That’s Barbaric!”

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HELP ME DEAR GOD HELP ME! The baby screams, but no one ever comes

A huge petition with over 50,000 signatures has now forced the issue of forced male genital mutilation to parliament. Already Jewish lobbies are raising monies for the defense.

“We MUST cut off the penis it is our religious belief” said Rabbi Stein. “To forbid it is pure anti-semitism and hate”

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“I don’t see the big deal” said another Dutch assemblyperson, “We have been cutting off parts of the male penis for hundreds of years. Men like it that way”

But what about choice. What about that the practice is forced on infants, strapped to boards and not given anesthetic. What about the months of pain and suffering after their first experience of the world one of blood and agony.

“Toughens em up I say” said a Vicar.

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A Rabbi Sucks the blood from the newly mutilated penis in some sick Pedophilic ritual

But now it’s coming to a vote. And after the recent loss in Iceland, the practice of mutilating infant boy’s genitals is coming under pressure.

“Of course we can’t compare it to female genital mutilation, that’s completely different” said the leftist feminist.

The bloody aftermath is telling in the diaper. This is serious dangerous surgery which harms the child for life, forever removing much of their pleasure center and the fundamental mechanism god designed to produce movement against the frenum when the foreskin pulls back. The fundamental way that men receive pleasure remove, they are freed to become work goats for the state and have failed marriages.


“So like, I’m having sex, and everyone is saying how wonderful it’s supposed to be, and I can’t feel a fucking thing” said John, a twenty year old man who was mutilated as an infant.

“I never orgasm during sex, and even if I masturbate it can take hours to reach orgasm” said another mutilation victim. “They stole one of the great joys of being alive from me. How can I forgive my parents?”

A ban on circumcision would be an infringement of the Jew’s basic religious rights, says Benny Dagan, who is Israel’s ambassador to Denmark.

According to the ambassador, there is a lot of scientific evidence that circumcision is the healthy for the boys. Therefore, he does not believe you can legislate against the ritual and draws parallels to the Holocaust. “It is good for them, they like it” said the Ambassador.

“It’s all about Jews’ right to practice their religion, especially when thinking about the Jewish history in Europe, which unfortunately is very tragic. Millions of Jews were killed and their communities wiped out” said Ambassador Dagan

The petition, which cites the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, calls for a six-year prison sentence for those carrying out circumcisions on boys under the age of 18, unless there is a medical reason.

The same penalty has existed since 2003 for the internationally condemned practice of excision, or female genital mutilation.

“Society has a special obligation to protect the fundamental rights of the child until they’ve reached an age and maturity where they can take on this responsibility themselves,” the petition reads.