“It’s so good to see so many of you here today, you are all heroes for being here today,” said the Freedom Party leader, an outspoken critic of radical Islam who rose to second place in the Dutch national elections last year.

Wilders told  Robinson’s supporters “You will never walk alone!”

“Tell the world, and the UK government in particular: Free Tommy Robinson!”

“At this very moment, thousands of people all over the world are demonstrating in front of British embassies, from LA to Sydney, and over half a million people have already signed the petition for Tommy,” he told the crowd.

“And all with the one important message: Free Tommy!

“So, Downing Street is just around the corner, so maybe once again, as loud as possible as we can, let them hear our message: Free Tommy Robinson!” he cried, prompting extended chants of ‘Oh, Tommy Tommy, Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Robinson!’ and ‘We want Tommy out!’


 England persists in locking up freedom fighters and patriots who criticize the Muslim rape invasion. “The right to rape 12 year old girls must be defended” said a House of Lords member who wished to remain anonymous “because we are not a racist society we must welcome the muslims and africans. These rapes are simply a cultural misunderstanding they are bringing with them, they need to be educated”