UNE 8–A man arrested this morning for auto theft had a small diaper-clad monkey clinging to his chest when Florida cops apprehended him after he drove the hot wheels into a ditch.

Investigators allege that Cody Blake Hession, 23, took a vehicle from the driveway of a St. Petersburg residence early this morning (keys to the unlocked auto were on the floorboard). Hession then drove the car about 35 miles to Holiday, a Tampa-St. Pete suburb, where he “drove off the edge of a parking lot, into a ditch,” according to a complaint affidavit.

When Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputies detained Hession, who had fled the vehicle, there was a leashed Capuchin monkey attached to Hession’s pink polo shirt.

Hession told deputies that he had obtained the male monkey, named Monk, years ago from a breeder in South Carolina, where he previously resided.