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Not really sure what to make of the Summit. It looks like if flopped because clearly Trump was going for the big win, not the “we agree to agree to work on working on it” statement.

Oh well. What did we really expect from a man who enslaves his people and eats dogs. And Kim isn’t that great either.

“We friends now!” said a happy Kim Jun smiling, “Trump Big man”

“No really big, I thought I big I eat five chickens one meal but Trump he eat more!”

When asked how the meeting went, Pompeo was optimistic – “That little fat furball is our best chance for peace, and we will find a way to make it work”

When asked what he thought about Pompeo Kim replied “Popmeo? I Like him too. He CIA. RAppa pa pap! (making machine gun sound). I respect that”

Still people are asking if anything really as accomplished. Kim was reportedly carried from the hotel to his Air China plane from the 1970s to take him back home, with a huge overstuffed belly and parts of linens and hotel table cloths sticking out of his bag.

“Trump won let me go Mare Largo, they have best towels there. I hear bathrobe like sex with ten chinese girls who just ate at buffet. I WANT THAT ROBE!” Kim pouted.

“Xi told me they have best chocolate cake in world there. Trump he can eat four slices! I can eat six!” said chubby Kim with drool and dreamy eyes. “I trade nukes for Chocolate Cake can you blame me?”

Will Kim make it to Mare Largo? Trump only said “We will see, anythings possible”