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“Every year more and more violent black students arrived in our schools, and fights got worse and worse until now even the teachers are under constant attack. We can’t do anything or its RACIST”

Yep, a problem in every city that has let its black population become well fed on welfare and produce many children while overtaxing europanic Americans into poverty to pay for it all.

“We are growing the WEEDS and Throwing OUT THE FLOWERS” said Pastor Williams speaking of the lessening Europanic population in Baltimore.

Both educators spoke on condition of anonymity because of the fear of losing their jobs. However, as Project Baltimore stated: “they [teachers] can no longer remain silent – especially after watching recent Fox45 reports detailing escalating violence in public schools.”

According to Project Baltimore, two Baltimore County Public School teachers have stepped forward and sounded the alarm regarding how the school system’s administrators have enacted policies that made schools appear safer on paper — however, this epic fail has led to a massive increase in violence among students and teachers.

Chris Papst, who is the lead reporter for Project Baltimore’s ongoing investigation into Baltimore area public schools, said,”County teachers say it’s not just students anymore who are victims of violence and bullying.”

“I’ll kick you in your face, I’ll F-K You UP!” screamed a black yout pounding his fists into a septuagenarian teacher’s head.  No one reacted because this is the new normal, school policies prohibit dicipline of Blacks under Obamas “don’ punish da darkies” program to keep blacks from being suspended. Blacks were suspended at ten times the rate of white students, but now, those numbers are narrowing as blacks can do anything they want and not get in trouble.

“Teachers are assaulted. They are knocked down in the hallway during the passing period,” the teacher said. “They use profanity. They call teachers names. There are no consequences for the children. The administrators say when you talk to them,

they say you are not in trouble. They instruct us to say to a child, you’re not in trouble.”

When she heard about similar behavior problems at Nathan Kale and McMillan Middle schools, she wanted people to know the discipline procedures in place don’t work.

“They totally know they can get away with it,” the teacher said. “We have a system there, where we send a child that is acting out to another classroom. A buddy room. Then they send their problems to my room. This happens all over the school.”

Chris Papst


– County teachers say it’s not just students anymore who are victims of violence and bullying. @FOXBaltimore investigates 

Baltimore County Teachers: Culture of Leniency Leading to Violence

Two Baltimore County Public School teachers say a push to make schools look safer on paper has led to a significant increase in bullying and violence – and it’s not just students who are victims.“I…