Hillary Gets to walk. The IG Report is frightening for America. The end of justice. Everything has been overturned.

On the Comey Decision:


On the destruction of email evidence:


On the decision not to prosecute Hillary….



Why this is a LIE

  1. She transmitted drone surveillance and sattelite surveillance footage and images through email. All of this is AUTOMATICALLY classified
  2. She “snipped off” headers marking emails classified so sshe could resend them. So did her staff
  3. She had a unsecure server and put secure documents on it.  This was not a simple mistake this was INTENTIONAL
  4. Her emails were destroyed – BLEACHBITTED – AFTER they were subpoened. This was not a simple admin mistake.

And what isn’t be said because now we will never know – She shook down and took bribes from foreign nations in exchange for influence and deals by using the Clinton Foundation as a RICO Front Company.