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The most damning evidence in the new IG report is that they let the newly discovered Weiner/Abedine Notebook emails involving Hillary Clinton languish for two months because “Investigating Russian Collusion (With ZERO EVIDENCE) was more important”

This is a level of political insanity and incompetence only eclipsed by Hillaries Crimes themselves.

The criminals go free. TWO YEARS wasted on a fake Russia Collusion story. FOUR MEDIA channels drone on endlessly about Russian Collusion with ZERO evidence.

And that great Mob Boss Hillary Clinton? She destroyed Libya and Khadaffi, a country that had renounced terrorism and agreed to work with the west (makes Kim Jun Un’s thoughts about partnering with us a bit worrisome I bet).

Clinton also armed ISIS terrorists with the Benghazi affair where the stand down order – STILL NOT INVESTIGATED TO THIS DAY THANK YOU TREY DICKHEAD GOWDY – resulted in the death of ambassador Stevens and millions of deaths from terror.

Clinton also ran a pay to play State department funneling millions in bribes through her fake charity.

Clinton ALSO scammed 145 million in payole for selling our uranium mines to Russia even though the US has a shortage of Uranium!

There will be no prosecution of Crime Boss Hillary. This is now clear. Congress itself needs to move to arrest her and not wait for the corrupt department of justice to6y8 do anything. 568 Pages of GARBAGE and USELESSNESS that only accomplished the burning of a lot of good trees as DC Dipshits printed it out and will never read it.