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The migrants aren’t migrants at all. Instead, they are stealth demographic jihadists invading and infiltrating Western non-Muslim unbeliever societies in mass. Not only to rape, mass murder, and maim innocent non-Muslim unbelievers on occasion, but to also breed like rabbits, sabotage, subvert, undermine, and destabilize those Western non-Muslim unbeliever societies from within for the long-term strategic purpose of eventual stealth demographic conquest.

And they are being flooded into the West as fast as possible and under very false premises by the Open-Borders Globalist Left, which intends to destroy the West via mass migration so that they can remake it into a socialist workers utopia modeled off of the old Soviet Union, which was a hell on earth.

Meanwhile, the only way to stop these mad men is to declare war on all of them and then annihilate them before it is too late.