911 is a big secret. A bunch of wealthy jews, insurance companies, and the government, a Israeli Mossad team all worked together to blow up two massive buildings killing three thousand Americans.  They paid the insurance money without an investigation. No FAA investigation of any crash because it was labeled “terrorism”

The Murder of JFK and Robert Kennedy is a big secret. The magic bullet theory. Coverups. Blaming it on Oswald. Jack Ruby. LBJ was behind it, but the secret service and CIA were deeply involved. The American public will never be allowed the truth.

The Hillary Clinton secret – How she ran a private email server to shakedown foreign countries for millions, her 145 million dollar kickback to sell uranium to Russia, Her funding the Fake Dossier on Trump, Running several fake charities and pocketing 90% of the money and letting Haiti Rot, The murder of Seth Rich, The Murder of Ambassador Stevens, Giving heavy arms to Terrorist Al-Quaeda forces, Selling state secrets on her email server to the highest bidder, and the corrupt FBI letting her go from prosecution. Phew. Thats a lot!

But the biggest secret in the whole world, the root CAUSE of so much misery and going in the wrong direction – the PUSH to africanize all our nations and the acendency of Jewish Zionist power and Banking/Corporation power over the welfare of the individuals of a country — an agenda that crushes freedom and seeks to move to Communism so they can be our commisars and rulers and CRUSH the white Europanic peoples of the world as they have done in South Africa, Detroit, Baltimore, Germany, Italy, London, This is the secret of Rudolf Hess.

Hess, the Deputy Furer, who could not fly, had a custom built aircraft that could fly all the way to Scotland, spent months memorizing coastlines, and flew a solo mission with a letter from Adolf Hitler to the Duke of Scotland, and ultimately the King of England and Churchill. And this letter said simply…

“Dear King George and Mr. Churchill.  All Men are brothers. Please accept my offer of peace and an end of hostilities. Germany is prepared to end the war and killing and even a return to territories. We let your army go in Dunkirk. We have never wanted a war with our fellow Christians.  A much larger threat lies with Russia which I have been trying my whole life to protect Europe from Communism. Please accept my offer of peace and end this unholy war. Yours – Adolf Hitler”

It is the biggest secret. Because knowing this your brain explodes. Absolutely everything you have been brain washed with since youth flies out of your head. And you realize to your horror we fought on the wrong side.  The bankers, the communist Jewish leadership conspired to force the whole world and the whole worlds resources against Germany for daring to control their own nation for daring their expulsion. America secretly Armed both Britain and Russia and funded the building of tank factories throughout Russia. It was America, which had been taken over by Communist infiltrators at the time. Only 20 years since the communist acts of 1913 ceeded American control to the jewish bankrocracy and oligarchs. And these conniving horrors have been pushing America into needless wars since that date including the sinking of the Lucitania, the known in advance attack on pearl harbor, our whole century of war and a century of POVERTY and human misery that has continued since then. We are so broken we don’t even see how enslaved we are, most men know it in their hearts, our horrendous abusive taxation system where we never own our land or houses.

Please I beg of you, read all the articles at the top of this site and learn the truth. This is not mad ramblings or conspiracy. This is the truth. Read of the Kalergi Plan and realize that is exactly what is happening today.  We have gone powerfully in the wrong direction for over 100 years now. We must reverse course.

And where did the communists and the horrors end up in America – They are our CIA, they are the Democrats, they are the Rhinos, all under control by the men behind the curtain – Junker, Soros, Kissinger, The Rothschild Dynasty, The kings of Europe, The Big Oil companies, The Rockefeller dynasty, a small group of madmen.  As Russia has broken free of Communism America is to be the new conquered communist state. And everything that we once stood for is being driven into the dirt. And their weapon, their primary weapon – is encouraging dysgenic births of imbeciles, welfarism to bankrupt the state, and adding to that by flooding nations with non-europanics. That is the sad sick truth. So when you hear democrats crying about little child invaders being “locked up” remember, this is the evil dark sick plan to conquer America.

  • Patriot Mouse, June 16, 2018