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“The Voice of America—the United States Government overseas radio broadcasting station founded in 1942—ignored the subject of the Holocaust throughout the Second World War,” American scholar Holly Cowan Shulman wrote in a 1997 article published in Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television. She noted that U.S. government officials in charge of VOA were “either Jewish or philo-Semites,” but the radio station during World War II “said very little about the persecution of the Jews of Europe at all.” 1

How could this possibly happen? The Red Cross, which visited concentration camps routinely also never saw any evidence of the Holocaust.

American GIs who liberated concentration camps again found ZERO evidence of gassing or the holocaust. Not at any of the camps! How is this possible!

Russians who took piles and piles of official german record books also found ZERO records of the holocaust!



Forensic investigations of buildings labeled gas chambers also found no evidence of gassing and no residue of cyanide on walls, invalid construction to be able to be run as gas chambers. What is happening here?

Even the famous Auschwitz camp where there is a gas chamber shown to turists – it’s revealed to be just a post war construction!

The whole world has conspired to cover up the truth of the Jewish Holocaust in world war II. Disgraceful.

[wait… what about the 40 million christians who died? What about the 80 million christians the jews killed in the Ukraine? Isn’t that the real holocaust? – ed. ]

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