UPDATE: Trump signs EO keeping families together, even if that family is Hektor The Pedophile Papa – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMsR31jEO68

“The president is trying set this trap in the public mind that somehow there is a law requiring him to do this and Congress can undo it,” said Senator Chris Van Hollen, who visited a detention center in Brownsville, Texas, over the weekend. “We know this is a problem that was manufactured six weeks ago, and we’re seeing the awful results today.”

Decrying “internment camps,” Democrats and their supporters disrupted a U.S. congressional hearing on Tuesday about an FBI probe.

“Everyone has a right to be here” said a representative of Hispanics Without Borders. “We deserve the welfare”

With the sound of a young child crying in the background, the top Democrat on the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, Jerrold Nadler, broke from traditional protocol and started reading from a statement, saying: “These children are not animals.” His Republican colleagues tried to shout over him: “Out of order!” “ANIMALS!!!”

“How can I send Manuel to live in America if they keep him in a cage, the Chalopes pay me nothing for him!” said Maria Gonzales

The truth is many of these children are being sex trafficked and are being saved from a lifetime of ass rape by 400 pound Hektor. Or they are sent to the potato mines.

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Gang member Vicktor Joe Espinoza would appreciate more children to eat

Several Newscasters referenced the WWII Holocaust and showers, except that the holocaust never happened, the gassing never happened, unless you mean the Jewish murder of 60 million Ukranians.

The truth is the kids are treated well, fed ice cream, given free schooling. The real people who keep kids in cages? The ARABs!

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Of course let’s not forget the Africans, many of whom are still cannibals and keep kids in cages to fatten them up before going into the POT !

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M’Bek awaits the cooking pot as he has been captured by a rival African tribe

The truth is all of this is a move by the DemoSluts to find an EMOTIONAL issue that their zombie brained incapable of using facts illiterate minions can latch on to and go SJW HISSIE FIT SJW HISSIE FIT.  They use their mind control to appeal to the emotions of the brainwashed stupid Americans they control. Sad.