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Soon I will have my life free from the shit in the streets in America

Thirty three years of American software engineer genocide – THIRTY THREE YEARS OF IT!

The H-1B visa, the greed visa, has filled up our software engineering centers with stinky Indians with fake resumes, fake degrees, and these are some of the worst computer programmers in the nation. So why are they there? Greed. And the powerful big software engineering companies won’t let congress touch it.

Over 4 million (nearly 5 now!) of these fraud engineers have been imported into the USA yet there are only 4 million technology jobs. Thats 100% unemployment for Americans. How is this supposed to work again.

It’s called a “Non-Immigrant” visa yet most of them are here SPECIFICALLY to immigrate and stay forever. 45% do just that. So that’s another big lie. With giant stinking turds all over their streets who wouldn’t want to come to civilization if they could?

Three GAO studies found incredible fraud in the applicants – fake resumes , fake education – and they were barely scratching the surface.  Most don’t know anything at all just a few weeks of “lingo” coaching.

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Indians are the Best Chapurri Programmers on the Planet!

Kicking American software engineers to the streets seems to be America’s policy. Trump has done NOTHING. This GENOCIDE of American software engineers just continues and the news does not report it. Trumps only action was to ensure that the big companies get their first choice of Indians. The Protecting American Workers executive order was signed over a year ago and a committee was formed to address this, their response? WE LOVE INDIANS WITH FAKE DEGREES. WE LOVE THROWING OUR ENGINEERS INTO THE STREETS TO DIE.

IT’s an abomination.

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Yet it goes on, year after year. Companies create horrific disastrous software which crashes and often puts lives at stake. Eventually once enough Indians take over the American engineers flee, leaving “Curry Dens” where the staff is 100% Indian.

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Drhapulli says “I am the greatest Programmer on EARTH!”