One-hundred-and-thirty-nine refugees from Eritrea and Somalia arrived in Rome on Wednesday morning. It’s part of a programme which aims to bring refugees to Europe by plane.


This 40-year-old Ethiopian woman is overwhelmed with emotion as she describes the terrible abuse she suffered over the years – “We used to have to work hard jobs just to get food and shelter.  Thank goodness Italy will welcome me and my nine children and take care of us”

Nebiat Gebregzabher says, “I have put my life at risk many times. I survived only by a miracle, so I could not risk my life again trying the route through Libya. I have had so many terrible things done to me damaging both my body and my soul. I have had things done to me that I don’t even have the energy or the capacity to think about. So I could not face the trip through Libya.”

Others simply broke down in tears and screamed “Welfare! We’s got de Welfare!”

Italian Catholic groups and the Italian government have already flown over 15 hundred (1,627) refugees since the first flight in February 2016. “It is very important to the CAtholic church to Negro-Seed Italy. Would we turn Christ away?”

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“Lick My Foot. Now Kiss it. Das Right. Das Right”

A new negroid Italy is very important to the EU, it will allow them to bring in a new Communist system of total enslavement and control and to genocide the white race.  “Only by destroying Italy can we save Italy” said the Cardinal – “We are raising 100 million dollars from our churches across the world to help fly Africans to Italy. Our American brothers have already raised 15 million dollars for the first class flights to bring the troubled Somalis to a new life”

When asked what was wrong with life in Eritrea, Mubeat Akabli replied “Well of course there’s no welfare there and we only have small tin huts from the UN, so we are very excited to get into modern living conditions and good snack foods” When asked why they didn’t make nicer houses there they replied they simply didn’t understand how to do that. White man’s JUJU is all a mystery to them. Mud and tin is their level of skill today. Which is a step up from the caves and mud huts they were found in when the white man discovered Africa.

Somalia doesn’t even have a government, just the blokes with the longest spears ruling their villiages. “Primitives yes, but they do love to eat pasta” said the Cardinal, “And that’s good for business in Italy”

The Pope is driving much of this exclaiming “Only when we welcome the black man into our nation can we truly be like Christ”. Once a year he washes the feet of twenty Somalian negros to celebrate his joy with the negro invasion of europe.

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“I worship the Africans and Muslims MORE than Christ because they shall inherit the earth after we give them Italy” said the Pontificate