Blacks continue to not pay taxes, and while incomming revenue drops, the rare money that comes in is being stolen by people at the tax agency! Resulting in a bankrupt government. How could this happen? Oh yah, South Africa is BLACK now. Of COURSE it’s happening! It happens EVERYWHERE blacks run things.

While the tax agency blames the economy’s slow growth and a drop in imports for the recent revenue deficit, it also acknowledges “a deterioration in compliance.” Businesses collected taxes on the goods they sold and the employees they hired, but then did not turn over the money to the government, the agency said.

Beyond that, nearly half of the shortfall in the last budget year came from personal income taxes that officials had expected to collect but never did, according to the National Treasury.

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The trend worries the government, which relies heavily on personal income tax, about half of which is paid by the top 1 percent of South Africans. The tax agency says it has made one million calls to remind taxpayers of their obligation to pay.

For Judge Davis, the leader of the recent review of the tax system, the erosion of the public’s faith in the agency and the government itself has been striking