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All Hail Rufio Panman – Stops Antifa With 2′ Iron Bar From Killing People


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Rufio Panman is another FREEDOM WARRIOR HERO.  In the battle of Portland, the criminal antifa with covered faces showed up with explosives and weapons. Ruffio stopped a maniac with a two foot steel bar from killing people. A hit to the head from that bar could easily be leathal.

The Heros are coming out. ALL HAIL RAFFIO!

CREEPY: Meet The Wonderful Antifa Members Arrested In Portland
Antifa Thugs Arrested in Portland

Ignorant Portland Journalists like Katie Shepard laments “Ohhh the poor Antifa criminal attackers with covered faces who threw dynamite into the arms of women and children, oh they are the victims.  How insane is that! These people are mental! Our poor Antifa criminal who tried to kill peaceful protestors with a Iron CLUB oh he’s in the hospital now. Oh the tragedy.


Political brawls in downtown streets last weekend left one participant in a Portland hospital with a skull fracture and a minor brain hemorrhage.

The antifascist protester didn’t require surgery, but he’s still recovering from a beating at the June 30 riot, according to texts shared with WW by the injured man’s friend.

He was one of several people assaulted in the most violent mayhem the city has seen in more than a year of dueling protests between supporters of the Vancouver, Wash.-based right-wing group Patriot Prayer and their antifascist adversaries.

Five people, including a police officer, were hospitalized after the far-right march devolved into a riot in downtown Portland. The event amounted to a scheduled fight—a turf battle in which Patriot Prayer used fists and flag poles, and antifa fighters deployed firecrackers and pepper spray.

Both federal and city officials sanctioned the march through the streets near City Hall by issuing permits to Patriot Prayer, but the demonstration got out of control because police didn’t keep the warring factions apart.

2 thoughts on “All Hail Rufio Panman – Stops Antifa With 2′ Iron Bar From Killing People

  1. PORTLAND needs to understand that we are no longer going to tolerate Corruption, and the values that we hold dear . You do have to fight back. And you do need to understand, the police are in the same boat.

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