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They use the call to prayer to assert their dominance on everyone around. It is so horrible that cities that do not BAN this horror suffer immensely. One more way Moose-lumps are incompatible with modern society.

What used to be a person calling out is now a 5,000 Watt Barrage from massive five foot loudspeakers. Fuck all of you we are Muslim they cry out. And we don’t give a shit.

A German court on Thursday ordered a mosque to stop broadcasting its weekly call to prayer after the complaint of a Christian couple who live about a kilometer (0.6 miles) away.

The couple in the town of Oer-Erkenschwick, near Dortmund, said the muezzin’s call violated their religious rights.

Like this license plate, the Mussie Call to Prayer Seems like Religious Twaddle until it’s true nature is revealed

The Gelsenkirchen Administrative Court ruled the town had not properly assessed the 2013 request of the local Turkish Muslim community to broadcast the call to prayer. However, the mosque is still free to reapply for permission.

Notice that even Germany will not stand up to the people’s right NOT TO BE TORTURED BY ASSHOLES WITH LOUDSPEAKERS.

Rwanda’s capital bans mosques from using loudspeakers during Muslim call to prayer, joining Nigeria and Lagos.

In America, even in the little 23,000 population town of Hamtramck Michigan is facing the same horror.  To hear people in this blue-collar city tell it, things were fine until the al-Islah Islamic Center petitioned to broadcast its call to prayer, or azan, over an outdoor loudspeaker.

Masud Khan, the mosque’s secretary, sat on the carpeted floor on Wednesday and reflected on what he had learned about some of his neighbors in the last few months. ”How much they hate us,” he said softly. Maybe they hate you because you are fucking assholes who don’t care that you are blasting loudspeakers at everyone!

Jackie Rutherford, a librarian and youth-care worker, sat on her front stoop watching three men in Islamic shirt-dresses and tupi caps at the house across the street. ”I don’t know what’s going to happen to our little town,” said Ms. Rutherford, 39.

”I used to say I wasn’t prejudiced against anyone, but then I realized I had a problem with them putting Allah above everyone else,” she said

“They see we are coming more and more, and they think we are taking their city,” said Abusayed Mahfuz, 34, the editor of Bangla Amar, a local Bengali magazine and Web site. ”It’s not really a religious problem. It’s about migration, which is a reality. We are coming, and in large numbers, while their churches sit empty”

HAMALAMALAMA the huge speakers ring out over the small town. It is the sound of the death of the west.