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Why do they have idiots like Whiting on Fox News? She works at the heritage foundation (a corrupt globalist think tank) and before that was a congressional intern. Shes a recent grad with a degree in international relations (aka she’s a putz!) from michigan state. She’s not even remotely ivy league.

And it shows. Her brain dead conversation on tariffs was shocking. “THE FEELS THE FEELS” she had nothing to say except to push the globalist agenda. Shocking!

It makes one wonder who her parents are that she’s so well connected to get these positions and attention with such a dim bulb for a brain.

What’s even more shocking is how LEFTIE all these speakers on Fox News are now. Even Laura Ingraham’s show? What the hell is going on Laura! Boot these communists!

To my horror, I discovered they had interviewed her on Tariffs on the lesser known OAN network.

How does this brainless twat qualify as an expert on Tariffs she has done NOTHING, NOTHING! with her life.