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Boy am I ashamed of my country today. Why is RUSSIA the land of freedom for white christians and NOT the USA which is too busy giving visas to Indians with fake degrees and third world welfare recipients.

It angers me greatly that the USA or Europe who both were built by White Europeans is welcoming with open arms every other race Exceptthe White race.
They are completely ignoring White Genocide in S. Africa and the Whites who are trying to survive.

Following Australia’s offer of fast tracking visas for White South African farmers in April, Russia has now agreed to take 15,000 Boers. The decision by the Russian government to allow the immigration follows the well documented troubles in South Africa, where White farmers are being attacked or killed in an attempt by the ANC to reclaim land. In Australia, The Boers are already making a successful home for themselves in and around Perth.

Another reason for Russia offering this is the low reproduction rate currently. By giving asylum to the Boers, it is hoped they will continue to remain in the area and help with the population. The Stavropol region which is looking to take the migrants is very nationalistic & is 81% Russian, however this is not being looked at as a problem for the Russian nationalists in the area.

There is an estimate that between 1998 and 2016, 3000 – 4000 farm murders have taken place in South Africa, including the families and also the farm help. Since 2007, South Africa’s government has only recorded the crime against the farmer, and not the family. Meaning that if the whole family have been slaughtered, the figure made public is considerably less.

Where as most countries seem intent on taking Black Africans, despite their culture being at odds with the countries they are moving to, there seems to be little attempts to help or even acknowledge the issues in South Africa by most European countries. With constant adverts & appeals for Black Africans starving, seeking refuge or water, there is little in the way of appeals for beginning stages of the White genocide.* Maybe now Russia has led, others will start to follow.

Russia however is requiring they lease the land with the farmers bringing in $100,000 for each family. What about the smaller farmers who cannot afford $100,000? 
Russian citizens are getting free land.

The farmers are ready to make a contribution to Russia’s booming agricultural sector, according to Rossiya 1. Each family is ready to bring up to $100,000 for leasing the land.

Russia has 43 million hectares of unused farmland. The country has recently begun giving out free land to Russian citizens to cultivate farming. The land giveaway program, which began in 2014, has been a huge success.