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Indiana is back for Episode 5 in the series. Aged Harrison Ford has replaced the whip for a cane, and his sidekick oddjob is now an elderly man who is many years his younger.

Indiana Jones 5, from Lucasfilm and Disney, will see the return of star Harrison Ford. The actor, now 75 years old, will be just days away from turning 79 when the movie hits theaters.

When the film was first announced by Disney and Lucasfilm in March 2016, it was given a release date of July 19, 2019, but was later moved to summer 2020.

Jonathan Kasdan, the son of Raiders of the Lost Ark scripter Lawrence Kasdan, has been brought on to write a new draft of the feature. A previous version was written by David Koepp, who is no longer available to work on the film because he is focused on directing his Blumhouse feature, You Should Have Left. 

Finally, Marvel fans will get to see at least one superhero film earlier than expected. Disney is moving up the release of an untitled Marvel title from July 30, 2021, to Feb. 12, 2021. Instead, an untitled live-action Disney movie will open on the July 30 date.