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Software Engineer Rahul Drupa out for a lunch snack

They have fake degrees. They took a six week class to learn lingo. They shit in the streets. It’s the new wave of millions upon millions of Indian SLAG workers who take American’s software engineering jobs. Even if they don’t take every last job (there are 4.5 million of them here, for 4 million jobs), they drive wages down.

Trump had promised to take action and set up a Jobs committee to look into it six months ago … and … NOTHIN.

This is especially shocking as Jeff Sessions was a big protagonist for reform in the H-1B visa. This is the visa that Indians and Chinese use to take American jobs.

Worse, many of the companies that petition for LCA (labor certifications)  are Indian companies themselves – TaTa, Cognizant, WipSturo, etc.

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Students Gather at a prestigious Indian University to Get their Bachelor Degrees in four weeks

Trump has let us down. What a coward. Everyone is too scared to mess with Bezos, Gates, Ellisonj, Zukerfuk. Gates was especially heinous as he and ZukerFuk both testified to congress that there was a shortage of American Engineers when they were on the unemployment lines, then immediately after Microsoft layed off 10,000 americans and brought in MORE INDIANS. It’s clearly a SCAM to bring in slag labor.

But this is a NATIONAL SECURITY issue. If Americans flee these fields in drove, how will we field a national defense which relies on computers and encryption? Who will do those jobs?

Trump has turned his back on Americans. America LAST shall be his CREDO.