So Sacha Baron Cohen (who really only had one good movie – Borat) is now pretending to be an Alt-Right bigot for an upcoming movie. He has duped Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney into interviews.

This is very dangerous because Lefties have TV-Mind where they think what is on TV is real.

So this portrayal of the alt-right as dumb, racist, and illiterate will become the fuel for Antifa and Leftie hate.

But it isn’t true, in fact it’s the opposite. The left is the party of FEELS and EMOTIONS, the FEMALE (thank god not all) Feminista party and quickly becoming the Invasion and Communist Party.

It is exactly the RIGHT who are the stronger more intellectual and capable of arguing using facts.

The left argues with condemnations. They say Trump is a racist. “What did he say that was racist” “I dunno”

They say Trump is hateful. “He said many of the illegal invaders are drug smugglers and criminals” well isn’t that TRUE? It is true!

In fact, all Africanized-gene people ARE potentially criminals TWENTY Two times more likely than Europanics, and that number is SERIOUSLY skewed by classifying MOST Hispanic criminals as WHITE in the FBI and Justice data systems. The truth is probably closer to ONE HUNDRED TIMES MORE LIKELY TO BE CRIMINALS.  Is it racist for stating a fact? Show me the error. If there is no error it is NOT racist. Racism does NOT mean simply discussing race.

“He’s discussing race, he’s RACIST” Uhm err… No. Go back to school you’ve got a lot to learn.

Jews have long pushed for the destruction of western societies. Mainly through mass immigration of Africanized-genes. The democrats have shifted from the worker party to the degnerate genetic party.  Communism is a parasitic wasp feeding on the body of capitalism. Once the host is sucked dry, the people starve and die as well. Jews – through a false sense of persecution in WWII – one could strongly argue THEY WERE RIGHTLY EXPELLED FOR RESETTLEMENT – just as America had expelled it’s Japanese. That may sound horrible to our modern sensibilities but that is how people thought. Jewish people were attacking Germany, threatening Germany with Boycott which would lead to more starvation. Also, Jews led the takeover of Bavaria by the communists at the end of world war one. They had ACTIVELY SOUGHT TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT. Why isn’t that taught in high schools in America? Worse, they started ASSASSINATING LEADERS! So one could hardly claim they were innocents no matter how strong armed the work camps were as a solution. Now should we punish ALL the people for the crimes of the few? The problem is, even today Jews do NOT renunciate these crimes and condemn them. They STILL push for Africanizing white societies. A very very few speak out. And the fact that THEY HAVE NOT CHANGED makes them so dangerous as they wield MUCH political power through AIPAC.

So Cohen, a nuisance yes, but use it to learn the true history and danger.