Only the SUPREME COURT has standing to overrule the president on matters related to national security INCLUDING IMMIGRATION.

So the judge’s recent ruling that families CANNOT be deported cannot go into effect UNLESS the Supreme Court UPHOLDS the ruling with their vote.

However, this will not be the case. The judge will act like people have to obey her.  Judge Dana Sabraw thinks it’s very important to genocide the white people in America. To Hell with her I say.

(CNN)A federal judge on Monday ordered the US government to temporarily pause deportations of reunited families to allow attorneys time to debate whether he should more permanently extend that order.

San Diego-based US District Court Judge Dana Sabraw addressed the issue at the top of a status hearing in a continuing family separations case filed by the American Civil Liberties Union.
Sabraw ordered the pause to allow for a full written argument on the ACLU’s request to pause deportations of parents for a week after reunification.
In the meantime, the government also confirmed for the first time how many parents and children in government custody have been matched up, at least preliminarily.
According to the numbers, the parents of 71 children separated from their families at the border have yet to be identified and located.