They sat in their 90 minute closed door meeting for two hours. Everyone was waiting and waiting for them to appear. A closed microphone captured some of what was going on inside the doors of the Helsiniki Ambassador Hotel.

“OK Ok Now is time we wrestle like Russian bear, shirts off” said Putin engaging T.rump.

“What err, about these err, 12 military men who hacked our Election, Rosenstein says he has the goods” replied Trump

“Donald Puh-Lease. All they hacked was a delivery service for your American Pizzas” replied Putin

“What about Hillary, did she collude” asked Trump

“No, no collusion. She gave us state secrets on her email server. And Uranium. There was no Collusion” said Putin


“Do you think… you can be friends… with someone like me?” asked Trump

“We put up with eight years of the communist Obama, I mean he was so communist even the Russians Blushed.” said Putin

The two emerged clasping hands and laughing. “The Cold War is Over, we are friends now” said Trump. “The Russian Bear was errr Tamed in the best out of 3”

“I got you once though” smiled Putin

“It’s TRUE, He’s squirmy and wiley, Don’t Underestimate Vlad he has been doing this for a long time”

“Putin, he’s err  … a Nice Guy Very Nice… and uh… Good things to come.. Going to work with us”

“Trump he … he is big like Russia.” replied Putin smiling.

“I would rather attempt a political risk attempting peace than a peaceful risk attempting politics” said Trump.



“We agreed that representatives from our national security council will meet and follow up… we have taken the first steps towards a brighter future with STRONG dialogue” said Trump.

When asked about the Rosenstein Mueller probe Trump replied ” The Probe was a disaster… Zero Collusion .. It has had a negative impact… it’s ridiculous what’s going on with the probe”

Amazingly, Putin offered to let investigators come to Russia and work with their intelligence teams and investigate the collusion charges revealed by the spy Rosenstein.

Trump got the last word calling the spy Strozok a DISGRACE in strong harsh words.

The Democrats responded with shrieking and screaming.

“Colluding! It’s Colluding” screamed democrat Nancy Pelosi. “It’s an abomination, an A-Bom-I-NATION” screamed Schumer.  “I thought WE were the communists” demanded a disgruntled Maxine Waters. Shiela Jackson Lee could be seen still screaming “POINT OF ORDER” and had to be reminded the Strozok inquiry was over. One jewish person was kicked out of the press room for holding a sign “Nuclear Ban Treaty” wondering why the two didn’t work on peace.