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Nancy Pelosi Kisses Count Dracula

Democrats are complete nutters when it comes to protecting the integrity of our elections.

They go on and on about Putin and Russia. But wait ONE COTTON PICKIN MINUTE

When Trump ordered an investigation of the 2016 presidential election, California REFUSED to turn over their ballots. REFUSED.

And they REFUSE to move to paper ballots, preferring instead electronic voting machines which HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO BE HACKABLE

AND theres more. They absolutely fight tooth and nail against requiring voter identification at the ballots.  Why? You cannot absolutely cannot function in this country without id.

It gets worse. They SHRIEKED when Trump proposed asking if someone was a citizen on the census. Because Democrats get much of their congressional seats BY COUNTING ILLEGAL INVADERS AS CITIZENS!

They are SCUM HYPOCRITES and HORRIBLE PEOPLE. And everything they are shrieking about against Trump is a bunch of NITWIT DELUSIONS.