The sheriff said the boats had life jackets on board. So why on earth would they stay in a sinking ship? Swim to shore! Granted the elderly and infants, but for healthy people to just be too frightened to put on a life jacket and swim to shore is crazy.

Ahh, but this survivor who lost NINE family members is BLACK. Maybe they couldn’t swim. For some odd reason, blacks typically lack the ability to swim and are afraid of water.

Members of the Coleman family

In this picture of the Coleman family we see two grown men and a grown woman. Why didn’t they swim to shore? There were lifejackets on board.

“I couldn’t see anybody. And I know it wasn’t but I felt like I struggled for at least an hour, but it was probably like 10 minutes. And I just remembered I kept sinking and sinking,” she said.

The survivor said that they felt their grandma helping to rise them up out of the water, giving them shoulders to stand on.

“You were drowning her!” screamed the other woman!

The duck boat went down and overturned just one quarter mile from shore, a short swim. But even if they just treaded water with a life jacket on, which is fairly easy, rescue ships were in the water minutes after the boat went down.

“I felt like if I was able to get a life jacket, I could have saved my babies,” a teary Tia Coleman said at a news conference. “They could have floated up to the top and someone [could have] grabbed them. And I wasn’t able to do that.”

The life jackets were located on a shelf just overhead and in easy reach of the passengers.

Two survivors swam to shore without any life jackets. “It wasn’t really a big deal, just the waves were a bit high” said the survivor.

The devout Coleman began to give up — but then she began to float.

“I thought, ‘There’s no use in keeping me here,’ ” she said. “And I started floating, and as I started floating I felt the temperature change. Apparently the fatter you are the easier it is to float.

“They were jumping in the water to save us,” she said. She yelled for help, but no one heard. Eventually she made it to the side of the boat, where she was pulled to safety.

So they didn’t even have to swim to shore, they just had to swim ten feet to the rescue boat. Hmmmmm. Interesting…