2.5 Billion Pound Meat Glut Could Lead To “Biggest Correction In Years”

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 Damn Vegans. Ryan and Anji Bee of Happy Healthy Vegan has been pushing her non-meat lifestyle for 10 years. And it looks like its starting to have an effect.

According to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, a mountain of meat is building in U.S. cold-storage facilities.

Please Anji, EAT MEAT. PLEASE! Where will we put our mountains of MEAT! Ryan has been converted to eating Vegan as well and is now healthier than ever!

Where will they get their B-12! Where will we put our mountain of Meat! One plan says stuff a steak in every mailbox. Scientists continue to study the problem.

OK China which imports a LOT of meat from the USA is reeling from tariffs. You see america no longer makes things, we are a third world nation that exports wheat, soybeans and meat, and buys cars and washing machines from more advanced nations. Hopefully Trump can stop that.

In the meantime, Vegans, we implore you to do your part, two steaks a day Puh-LEASE!