An odd report surfaced predicting MegaCities – or cities approaching 100M people, will be nestled in India and Africa. But their model has some serious errors.

The real growth of megacities will be in China. But even China is struggling to find enough food and water for so many people. India as well may have hit peak although raping all of the west’s technology jobs may give it capital to import food.

But what about Africa? The real issue is when will Europe and America stop feeding the pigeons. Oh they have a war and refugees. Oh they have a drought. No, they have a problem NOT BREEDING when there are no resources. And this is PRECISELY why they are such a threat if imported into western welfare nations which will support their endless wanton breeding without regard to circumstance. The Europanic person sees crowding and struggle as a sign to CUT BACK ON BIRTHS and delay them until sufficient resources are available. The reduces the number of children a woman might have from eight to two or one. A natural response to overcrowding and limited resources.

But the African/Middle Eastern/Hispanic (to a lesser degree as they are less africanized) will NOT stop breeding and spitting out pups every year regardless. And if there is enough food and water they will not die like they would in the wild in Africa, resulting in a massive population surge like the welfare queens of American Blacks have produced a population boom sitting on the sofa eating cheetos and ignoring their 300 pound girths. A self powered cart will ferry them around for more cheetos, something predicted by that great kids show Lost Saucer in the 1970s.

But at some point the progressive communist left will get over-ruled. ENOUGH. NO MORE. And the free food, the feeding the pigeons, a terrible practice which is depleting America of its topsoil, will end. We DO NOT NEED TWO BILLION LOW IQ AFRICANS.

Were it not for the mosquitoes and diseases, Africa would have long ago been purged of its dysgenic population. Today the best policy is to just leave them alone. Have a few resource extraction projects. But do not feed the pigeons.

China is already advancing megacities with the infrastructure to incorporate 100M people like ShangHai. Japan is doing the same with Tokyo. And Mexico City is right up there with the endless breeding and shanty towns of the R reproductive strategy.

The point is these people are NOT compatible with the west. We had accepted 5% of our population as black slaves and they have welfare reproduced to 14% and still growing. What to do? Simple:

1) No welfare or assistance whatsoever UNTIL A PERSON HAS WORKED AND PAID TAXES FOR TEN YEARS. That will stop the “I’mhavin 4 chillin before I graduate high school” welfare queen mentality and also stop invaders and refugees from getting handouts (except in Calilfornia where the numerous programs will still feed and house them – see school lunch and dinner programs in the summertime and the ridiculous babysitting allowance!)

2) Remove priorities for section 8 housing based on number of children. Better still scrap section 8 housing altogether (wont happen because these mongrels  are incapable of budgeting money. It would all go to booze and cheetos)

3) Set a flat fee for what a family receives and no increases for more children. There should be a $1000 reward paid out over 4 years for having an IUD implanted to prevent children and if they successfully do NOT REPRODUCE they get rewarded. Currently its the other way around.

4) Invent new implantable pregnancy switches that the state controls, which disables births while on the welfare program, basically an IUD with a unlock code. But even this might get abused or cheated. Hmmm. well it’s a thought.

5) Our population goal should be to be 75% Europanic. Currently our births are 50% Europanic in the USA. This means we need to take AGGRESSIVE STEPS to switch our immigration to EUROPANIC PEOPLE. Instead we do just the opposite, clapping and cheering for 400 pound Muslim women from africa who come with their low iq 8 chillin, but denying the christian syrians and the white boer south africans refugee status. It is ridiculous that RUSSIA is saving the south africans while America cannot admit the crisis there.  To meet this goal we have to actively reduce the birth rates of our dysgenic invading population of Mexicans and Africans. We should put pressure to limit Asian immigration as well even though they are less violent and more successful than the africanized genes, they still displace Europanic Americans. We can host 8% asians, 8% Africans, 8% mexicans and hispanics, and 1% native Americans. That should be our goal. But already the AFrican population is 6% too high. The hispanic population is 30% too high! It’s time for radical action. No we can no longer put people in box cars and concentration camps, but we can make it much more difficult for illegal aliens to obtain housing and use public services like cars, busses, trains. And certainly we should bar them from voting.

In the end it seems hopeless, but the tide is turning. We are learning how destructive multi-culturalism is to a people. Japan keeps its nation for the Japanese, China for the Chinese, but the USA and Europe have to be negro-fied. WhY! That’s utterly ridiculous.

As you can see from this list, China is the Mega-City champion. But remember, people in these chinese cities live in tiny one room apartments with minimal furnishings. It’s hardly a middle class American life.

Chongqing  China SkylineOfChongqing.jpg 30,751,600[8] 8,189,800[a]
Shanghai  China Lujiazui 2016.jpg 24,256,800[10] 24,750,000[11] 23,416,000[b]
Beijing  China View of Beijing.jpg 21,516,000[14] 24,900,000[15] 21,009,000
Lagos  Nigeria Lagos Island.jpg 16,060,303[c] 21,000,000[23] 13,123,000
Chengdu  China Jiuyanqiao.jpg 16,044,700[24] 10,376,000
Karachi  Pakistan Karachi from above.jpg 14,910,352[25][d]
Guangzhou  China Pearl River Guangzhou.jpg 14,043,500[29] 44,259,000[30] 20,800,654[31]
Istanbul  Turkey LeventPano3.jpg 14,025,000[32] 13,520,000 14,657,000[32]
Tokyo  Japan Skyscrapers of Shinjuku 2009 January (revised).jpg 13,513,734[33]