22% of US Households don’t speak english at home. And now a new sobering statistic, In most states the percentage of Non-Europanic births is over 85%.

Our Women aren’t having babies and it’s going to destroy the nation. So unless we immediately implement a tax structure that rewards MARRIED EUROPANIC couples who have children by virtually erasing all their taxes, and stops rewarding black and hispanic welfare queens and muslims from having 8 or 20 chillin’ then our nation will simply die.

We are on a dysgenic doomsday course.  One day very soon, perhaps in as little as 30 years from now, our children (err lack of children) will look around and go why are we a low IQ brown illiterate welfare ridden third world place, we used to be #1.  And the answer is sadly, our women chose not to reproduce. And our leaders chose to flood us with third world peoples. And our welfare systems grew them fat and lazy.