Usually, when someone asks ‘does my butt look big in this’, the answer that they are looking for is no.

For Natasha Crown, however, having a big bum is her life’s work.

The Swedish glamour model has been in pursuit of the world’s largest rear end for a good while now, and has started a special diet that she hopes will bring her the (presumably) coveted title.

Instagram / Natasha Crown
Instagram / Natasha Crown

She claims to have been downing junk food to create fat that plastic surgeons will then be able to redistribute to her backside, with an eating plan that includes pizzas and a whole kilo of Nutella a month.

When they say that the weight goes straight to your hips…well, in Natasha’s case that might be true, but then she plans to pay someone to send it to her arse.

“The more I gain the better the bum will be. I’ll do whatever it takes to have the world’s biggest bum,” said Natasha, 24, who lives in Gothenburg.

She stands at 5 foot 10 inches, weighs 21 stones and has a backside that currently measures 70 inches.

Her doctors have informed her that, in order to redistribute the fat correctly, she’ll need to have an extra four stones of it to shift around, hence the mammoth eating plan.

“Maybe I have body dysmorphia or something but I don’t feel like it is even that big. I definitely want bigger,” said Natasha.

“When I was a teenager and my body started to change – I got boobs, I got a bum. I just loved my body so much.

“Since then I’ve had three Brazilian butt lifts (where fat is taken from other parts of the body before being injected into the buttocks) as well as boob jobs and I also have filler and lots of other procedures.”

She continued: “I just love the feel of having a big bum. When I walk, I feel all the jiggling, jiggling, jiggling and I start to feel horny with myself.

“My bum makes me feel sexy and makes me feel powerful.”