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A 16 year old [45 year old] Syrian [Somalian] migrant is suspected by police to have raped a 13-year-old girl in Sweden.

Police responded to a call on a beach in Örkelljunga where football players helped subdue the 16-year-old suspect after he allegedly raped the young teen, local media reports. Sadly the wuss football team didn’t beat the shit out of him, well maybe they did a little, he was taken to the hospital! Good for them!

“On the spot was a football team that was in some form of training camp,” said police spokesman Calle Persson. “Some of the players and parents, along with other witnesses, helped restrain the perpetrator until the police eventually arrived.”

“What’s the big deal? In My country we start to marry women when they turn 9, that is what our prophet teaches” said the Muslim.

The victim and her alleged attacker were taken to hospital to treat possible injuries and collect evidence.

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“We make sure to get a female colleague with training to question children who have been victims of crime,” Persson said.

Upon the completion of a preliminary investigation, prosecutors will determine if the Syrian is to be arrested and charged.

Sweden has become infamous for a rise in sexual assaults predominantly carried out by Niggruhs with Africanized Genes. It is now the ‘rape capital of the West.’

For Shame Sweden, For Shame. As long as Gynocentrism rules in Sweden, their women will get raped and their nation will turn fully African in 20 years. What a waste. the horror the horror.