Sadly Mark Meadows does NOT understand much.

What CRIME can we impeach Rosenstein for?

Appointing a special prosecutor without specifying a CRIME, as required by LAW

Authorizing the Uranium One deal, WHILE KNOWING there was Bribery Involved

These are two serious crimes. Failing to produce documents is NOT enough of a crime. Sorry guys.

It’s important to list IRREFUTABLE CRIMES which are at least GROSS ERRORS beyond negligance, intentional fraud or abuse of power. These items do that. Failing to produce documents is a wishy washy case.

The problem is the Democrats have a chance to re-take the house. So if the Hillary indictments do not occur, Trump may be impeached over completely spurious reasons.

This is critical for Trump to take action. And for the House to get it right. No time left.It is important that they happen no so they are not taken simply as pre-election maneuvering.