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“Our Fake Degrees were the ticket to the good life in America.” said Sanjay Gupta, a software engineer at a state agency where he replaced an American engineer. “Sure they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for their education, that’s just crazy, our two week training class was free and we got resumes listing years of experience. Now I have a nice big house and a beautiful Indian wife”

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So we imported SIX MILLION Indians with fake degrees for our Four Million software jobs in America. The department of labor STOPPED reporting on statistics for technology jobs as a category to HIDE this sick evil horrific genocide of American Citizens.

So the next time you hear about the Holocaust and Six Million Dead, think of the Six Million American engineers who lost their jobs and all the deaths that resulted from the H-1B Genocide.

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“I work with snakes, now my resume says I have 10 years of ‘Python’ experience and get a big job in America”

Apparently, big bucks trumps justice in America. So much for Trump giving a damn. His ONLY statement on it was to prioritize the Indians for Google and Facebook so they don’t have trouble importing their share of slage labor.

After over three decades of wanton genocide against American software engineers with case after case of high profile engineers protesting and speaking out – Disney comes to mind – we just have to say – America DOES NOT GIVE ONE FUCK. NOT ONE FUCK. Let me repeat that. AMERICA DOES NOT GIVE ONE FUCK.



An Indian writes – “In General India has really poor education system. There is no emphasis on learning. There is just rote learning and scoring marks. Hence by the time they reach to college they are already garbage. Hence nothing much can be done.”

OK guys, the next time there’s a world war, that’s our patriotic response back to you. Need better encryption, code breakers, fly by wire systems – go to the low IQ Indians with Fake degrees. Cause we can’t even call ourselves Americans anymore.

The genocide goes on and on and on and on and on and ….