More and more Millenials are going to college, especially more WOMEN. Getting degrees in Gender Studies, African Studies, Social Visualization, and Watching Sitcoms, they are terribly prepared for the real world.  So while Median Income has remained constant, Median debt has soared from 10,000 to $33,000 USD.

Most shocking, home ownership has dropped from 48% to 39%. And if this trend continues, it’s going to send shock waves through the housing market. What happens when it drops to 29%. 19%? These first time home buyers begin the first leg of propping up the price for a starter home, upon which all other pricing is linked.

Another big problem are the insane salaries for professors and bureaucrats reach $700,000 a year and more at places like University of California. Janet Reno even got in on the game. We don’t need them! We don’t need any of them. They are just parasites sucking off free easy to get student loans.

It’s all just signs of the collapse. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about.

The other big issue is Men Going Their Own Way as our Gynocracy has forced divorce courts to transform into male financial rape machines. Men take a look and go “Nope not me, not puttin my bits in there”.  This must change or society will collapse.

Replacing the productive whites with negro seeded savages only adds to societies costs for policing, jails, and welfare. That is not a solution but everyone is doing it. They think somehow by destroying the white race they will fix they gynocracy. It is only going to accelerate the collapse with higher costs on society and more women raped.