Trump is stumping in Tampa Florida today. And I was quite shocked by the backdrop. see here:


“We’re tracking down the gang members, the predators, the child molestors… and that’s just the Democrats”

So perhaps we should review

LOCK HER UP! – Lock up Hillary Clinton for all her crimes. Russian Collusion. Compromising Secure Data. Uranium One. Stealing Haiti Money

Did he keep the promise? NO!

BUILD THAT WALL! – Build a border wall between the USA and Mexico

Did he keep the promise? NO!

STOP H-1B VISA – Displacing American Engineers – the H-1B Visa has replaces over FOUR MILLION highly qualified American Engineers with Low IQ Indians with Fake Degrees

Did he keep the promise? NO!


Nope, still none deported. Worse, he pushed legalizing DACA invaders!

He mentioned moving again to Voter ID. We will see. Rosenstein will probably veto any state that tries. Until he removes the Jew Democrat Rosenstein he is lost on most of his promises.

He did bring back Christmas. We give him that.