In my letter to Trump I made it clear the 9th circuit could NOT OVERRULE the federal government on immigration policy. No judge could only the Supreme court.

Apparently the Supreme Court threatened the ninth circuit last year that either they stopped making nationwide injunctions or the Supreme Court would find them unconstitutional.  So the ninth circuit ruled this ruling could only stand against the cities that brought it.  Had they allowed it nationwide, the Supreme Court would have held that all future nationwide injunctions were invalid, and the ninth circuit knows they only get one more chance to do that (at least temporarily) and this wasn’t worth it.

One would remind California of their 30 Billion dollar budget shortfall that was closed by Obama sending them billions in “stimulus” dollars which all went to pay for illegal aliens. This is raping the nation to pay for invasion and it must never happen again. To date Los Angeles is going broke and the state as a whole has a huge pension crisis.

What’s the difference between this case and the drinking age?  The difference is that congress passed a law for that, while this was an executive order.  When congress decides something that is in its power, most courts won’t touch it.  Here, however, the argument was that by withholding funds, Trump was essentially telling the cities how to run something that is specifically reserved for the states to decide, not the Federal Government.  The Federal Government is prohibited from regulating things not specifically mentioned in the constitution.  All other powers are reserved for the states.  It was a good ruling, in spite of the fact that it has a terrible effect.

The correct response to states not cooperating with ICE is to charge people – individuals – with treason and arrest them and take them off to federal prison. Let them wait 2 or 3 years for a trial date. It will at least bide some time.

But the fed doesn’t want a guns vs. guns situation. What happens when 100 federal marshals armed with sub machine guns surround a court house that’s defended by police officers and sheriffs deputies. It would be bedlem.

Rather than make a direct monetary punishment, Trump needs to make sure all federal cash contracts to cities INCLUDE a cooperation with ICE rating as part of the evaluation. That way it is NOT blocking funds from congress but simply a criteria on how to allot funds.  They also need to find other non-monetary punishments.

Or Trump can simply ignore the judge’s ruling (My Advice to Trump!) and say “well it’s a matter for the supreme court since it involves NATIONAL SECURITY, then only they can overrule me”

That would be the best course of action. Especially after Kavanaugh gets on the bench – nudge nudge wink wink.