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Omarosa was hired to … er…. be a token black. Her salary was about $175,000 a year and to earn that she had to … er… sit in a chair and do nothing.

Instead she did quite a lot, bringing a wedding party into the white house rose garden against the rules. She Chimped-out constantly and threw a fit when let go.

And now, it’s revenge time. She has written an ANTI-Trump book – “Unhinged: A Chimp in the White House” errr I guess that refers to Omarosa.

It includes:

  • Omarosa Manigualt Newman’s blockbuster book Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House  is set to be published August 14
  •  In an excerpt from the book exclusively obtained by, the former White House assistant to the president makes the case for his mental decline
  • Hope [Hicks] had gone over the briefing on discussing Comey’s firing with him a dozen times, Omarosa says
  • ‘Throughout this erratic and contradictory interview, I kept thinking, ‘Oh No! Oh No! This is bad!’ she writes.
  • The explosive book promises to deliver the juiciest insider scoop yet about Trump and the Trump White House 
  • Last week it was reported that Omarosa has been interviewed by federal investigators in the Trump-Cohen prob

Moral. Never. Ever. Make an affirmative action hire.

All she had to do was sit quietly and attend a few social mixers and she’d get a free $200,000 a year. But no. that would be racist.