The niggruh chillin were left to run wild. Many took shits in the pool, pee’d on hotel room walls, and threw away buckets of food from the buffet wasting tens of pounds each.

Bibles are being burned by refugees in two different “Syrian” hotels.

Towels were found covered in shit and microwaves are broken. They clogged toilets by stuffing garbage down it.  All the migrants were found to have head lice and bed bugs which have infested the entire hotel.

The “syrians” pulled the baseboard heaters away from the walls, punched holes in the walls, and had to close to all non invaders. They would smoke endlessly in non-smoking hotels and when told to stop just laugh. When told they had to pay for the things they broke they just laughed. They would flood their rooms because they just ran running water into the floor to wash their feet in the muslim way. And they kept grabbing all the female staff and tried to rape them.

The hotels now need to be demolished but the Canadian government is disputing it – “These are just good chillin, youts”

The migrants are now being moved into NEW HOTELS to destroy them as they have done what niggruhs always do – absolutely destroy their surroundings and cover them in feces.

“We come from de Syria” “Yah Syria” said another laughing.