Race Switching Seems to be the new Hollyweird thing. Suffragetter Pankhurs was one of the most integral activists and the leader of the British suffragette movement which helped women win the right to vote.

Emmeline Pankhurst will be played by Wolverhampton’s stage star Beverley Knight

Now, Wolverhampton’s Beverley Knight will play the role of Emmeline Pankhurst in an upcoming musical at London’s iconic The Old Vic theatre.

Not to be outdone, action actor Tom Cruise will be playing Martin Luther King in the new myopic docudrama “I have a Dream”

“I have a dream, of more mission impossible movies, to pay for my divorce”


And nothing is more riviting than Nicholas Cage’s performance of Nelson Mandela in “South African Nights”

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“Mr. Mandela, these orders for guns, bombs, surely you aren’t serious”

“There are white people see… I seen em see… Honkie gonna die Niggah. Honkie gonna die!”

Cher plays a supporting role as Winnie Mandela

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“Nelson, my husband, please stop fighting the man… they won’t rest until you are in prison”

“Don’t worry seee… I’m nelson mandela see… One day I’ll rule this land see”


And an end of the summer mega-blockbuster – “X – The Life of Malcolm X” played by Steve Buscemi


“The Nation of Islam tells us… The only Good Whitey is a dead whitey”