Image result for cory bookerNow that being black gives you free education, first preference for jobs eve those you aren’t qualified for, even entrance into Harvard, having “the black” tag is the new level of prestiege especially if you are in the Democratic party.

Just ask Kamala Harris, Attorney General Holder, Navarro, the ist is endless!

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Now that now one ever dare challenge their blackhood, becoming black is ever more popular. Just shave your head if you are a guy and adopt a Jiggy I’m So Important arrogant attitude. And if anyone ever challenges you, just get uppity. UPPITY! THEY WILL GET UPPITY! RACIST . HoW DARE YOU!

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Pink is the new Black


Cory Anthony Booker (born April 27, 1969) is an American politician currently serving as the junior United States Senatorfrom New Jersey, in office since 2013. The first African-AmericanU.S. Senator from New Jersey, he was previously the 36th Mayor of Newark from 2006 to 2013.