A wheelchair-using Queens man who’s been shaking down businesses by threatening to sue for millions over their lack of handicapped access — if they don’t pay him first — was walking just fine when The Post visited him this week.

“Please, take out! I don’t want pictures!” a panicked-looking Arik Matatov said while walking backward into his apartment when a Post reporter showed up at his door.

Matatov, 24, has been making $50,000 demands of dozens of Manhattan businesses that aren’t wheelchair accessible and pocketing the cash — or suing them for $5 million if they don’t cough it up.

In one case, he claimed he would be “humiliated” to accept an employee’s help up a few steps into the tween clothing store Journeys.

Yet when The Post rang Matatov’s Rego Park doorbell Tuesday and a woman called him to the door, he walked over on his own and then stood there without assistance.

When the reporter identified himself and asked Matatov if he uses a wheelchair, Matatov made his plea for no photos and the woman then slammed the door