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No, that’s not a home invader, No she’s not getting pick pocketed. That’s her SON!

Madonna’s son is Black! A negro named David was adopted. It’s all the lefty rage to be pro negroid.

Her daughters are black also! (at least three of them)! Ahh the negro loving horror.


Maybe it was the two black men who held her at knife point and forced her to give them blowjobs?

By 2013, Madonna’s Raising Malawi had built ten schools to educate 4,000 children in Malawi at a value of $400,000.[229] When Madonna visited the schools in April 2013, President of Malawi Joyce Banda accused her of exaggerating the charity’s contribution.

Why didn’t she work on charities at home? Why didn’t she work to build shelters and food for homeless here in America? Nope, Malawi it is. Because African negros are more important to lefties.

It’s an important leftist message – worship the negro, help the negro, kiss the negro, love the negro. And yet, millions of kids were available for adoption in America. Especially older children face a hard time getting adopted.

We need to bring back orphanages. We need these large centers so that parents who can’t have their own children can visit and adopt. Instead all you can do is submit your name to the program and then two years later they hand a white couple a negro baby. What you don’t want a negro? Are you racist? RACISSSSS.