“It’s a weapons system against the country” Said Jones of the free speech censorship at Apple, Google, and YouTube.

The removal of the pages – the Alex Jones Channel Page, the Alex Jones Page, the Infowars Page and the Infowars Nightly News Page – comes after Facebook imposed a 30-day ban on Jones personally “for his role in posting violating content to these pages”.

Following that suspension, a Facebook spokesperson said: “More content from the same pages has been reported to us – upon review, we have taken it down for glorifying violence, which violates our graphic violence policy, and using dehumanising language to describe people who are transgender, Muslims and immigrants, which violates our hate speech policies.”

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Jones replied to the “Islamophobia” critique stating that the average american won’t last five minutes in Somalia before getting kidnapped.  Are Muslims dangerous. You Betcha!

Wait a second. If blacks are low IQ simian humanoids stating that is NOT hate speech. If blacks are violent raping savages saying that is so is NOT HATE. Neither is it RACIST. Racism implies an ERROR and there is no error in those statements.

Saying that Muslims are raping violent savage invaders is NOT HATE SPEECH its the truth.

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“It’s Dehumanizing, and that’s against our policies” said an Apple SpokesPerson

It’s NOT OUR FAULT BLACKS AND MUSLIMS are less than human, well if you compare them to the Europanic standard. They are closer to Apes than humans. It’s not our fault, take it up with GOD if you have a problem with reality.