The UK imported “Syrian” refugees except they were from Somalia, Eritrea, and the Congo – and other NON WAR ZONES. They were SLAGS, useless welfare parasites.

But at the same time the UK REJECTED the Syrian Yazidee Christians who WERE persecuted and murdered. From 10% of the population of Syria to just 4% today. That’s a Genocide! Nope, you can’t come to Britain, we prefer lazy muslim pavement apes from Somalia so that our women can get raped and our men can get murdered. What what What!!!

Yep it’s true. The UK is a sick sad twisted horrorshow of a nation.

According to information obtained from the UK Home Office by the Barnabas Fund, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), during the first quarter of 2018, recommended 1,358 Syrian refugees for resettlement in the UK, of which only four refugees were Christians (no Yazidis were recommended). The Home Office agreed to resettle 1,112 of these refugees, all of whom were Muslims, and refused to accept the Christians.

This decision was made despite the fact that approximately 10% of the pre-2011 population of Syria was Christian – a number that has reportedly fallen to 5%. There were also an estimated 70,000 Yazidis in Syria. Yazidis, with Christians, were among the groups most viciously targeted by ISIS in Syria and Iraq. In 2017, moreover, according to the Barnabas Fund, the UNHCR recommended 7,060 Syrian refugees for resettlement in the UK, of whom only 25 were Christians and seven were Yazidis. The Home Office ended up accepting 4,850 Syrian refugees – of whom only 11 were Christians.