Tesla has become a bizzarre myth and it’s about to crash hard. Why?

All of Tesla’s magical investment and funding, often from the US Government, was predicated on meeting production goals for a entry level car. And he has made a valiant effort to meet those goals…

However, ultimately the car design is terrible. They need to move to user removable batteries (or automated at stops) not park the car for four hours. This is a fundamental error in design that ruins the experience. And no, there will not be enough charging stations to matter.

There are production scaling issues. There are extreme quality control issues with many cars rejected. But most of all there is the blow up like a massive bomb issue which will only increase as thousands of these hit the roads.

Advantages over simpler Hydrogen cars? None whatsoever.  And hydrogen can be made by solar as well, it only requires water and only exhudes water.

The Tesla Game is a bad one.  Play only if you can afford to lose your marbles.