Oh Omaroso, you just had to get Jiggy with it.

Begging with tears in her eyes for a white house job from Trump who she knew from the apprentice, Trump gave her the affirmative action hire. A Negro might look good. If he realized the horror he was unleashing he never would have done it.

First she got her massive 180,000 a year paycheck for doing basically nothing. She jacked off all day to internet porn (that’s a guess cause she didn’t do anything!) and then she found her tape recorder and then started recording recording. It went something like this.

OMA: “So you callin me a niggar”

Trump: “No, I never call anyone a niggar”

OMA: “There you just said niggar”

Trump: “Rosa what are you doing? I’m not even talking to you”

OMA: “NIGGAR NIGGAR why are you calling me a NIGGAR”

Kelly: “Get that crazy bitch out of here”

OMA: “I’ve got it on tape, I’ve got it on tape”

This is how the negro bitch repays a man who has helped her her whole life and been nothing but good to her?

Then of course there’s the rose garden incident where she asked and was refused to hold her wedding ceremony in the white house garden. She decided she’d just do it anyways. When security stopped them she went GRAPE APE GRAPE APE and shrieked and screamed and then was fired.

Hmm. Well she got uppity. UPPITY! UPPPITYYYY!!!!

And now she’s getting Uppity again.

What a horrorshow of a human. A pile of filth. Disgusting. oma.png